Gaggia Anima Review: Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine Worth the Price

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Looking to invest in a super-automatic coffee machine that can do it all, from pulling espresso shots to frothing fluffy milk? Then your search has probably led you to come across the amazing Gaggia Anima. This attractive coffee machine is specially designed for home use, offering a simple operation but with professional-grade results.

In today’s article, we’re putting the Gaggia Anima under the microscope to discuss its features, advantages, and drawbacks so you can decide whether or not it’s the right coffee/espresso machine for you.

Gaggia Anima Review — Overview and Design

The Gaggia Anima automatic espresso machine is a home espresso machine that can do it all, from grinding coffee beans to frothing milk. Unlike many bean-to-cup machines, this one is particularly built to give you premium-tasting coffee without costing you an arm and a leg.

Upon first glance, you can tell this is a stylish unit. It has an attractive design with a sleek black body and elegant silver accents for a modern look that looks great on any kitchen counter.

The dimensions of this Gaggia are 13.4 inches H x 8.7 inches W x 17 inches D and it weighs about 16 pounds. Thanks to its relatively compact footprint, this machine won’t take up much room on your counter so it can fit in just about any kitchen.

The interface is clear and straight to the point, with a medium-sized LCD screen and 6 dedicated buttons. As for the capacity of the machine, it’s equipped with a 60-ounce water tank to deliver plenty of coffee cups as well as an 8.8-ounce hopper to hold your coffee beans.

When it comes to cleaning the Anima, the process is a lot simpler compared to similar sophisticated machines on the market. Making coffee with this unit requires very little effort on your part, with multiple choices to customize the beverage to your preferences.

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Gaggia Anima Automatic Espresso Machine Specs

● Dimensions: 13.4 inches H x 8.7 inches W x 17 inches D
● Weight: 16 pounds
● Bean hopper capacity: 8.8 ounces
● Water tank capacity: 60 ounces
● Maximum cup height: 5.9 inches
● Boiler type: Single
● Grind settings: 5
● Housing material: ABS thermoplastic
● Frother type: Pannarello wand

Gaggia Anima Automatic Espresso Machine Features

Now that you have a basic idea about the specs and design of this espresso machine, let’s dive deeper into this review with some details on the Anima’s features:

Ceramic Burr Grinder

As part of its full operation, the Anima is equipped with a bean grinder. But not just any grinder – this is a high-quality burr grinder made of ceramic. Not only is it fast and efficient, but it can also take on different roast levels without developing unwanted clogs. Additionally, burr grinders are known for producing consistent and even grind no matter the level you’re trying to achieve. The ceramic burr grinder allows you to choose from 5 different grind levels according to your preferred brew.

Sizable Bean Hopper

The Anima can hold the coffee beans for you until it’s time to grind and brew. The capacity of the hopper is 8.8 ounces, which is pretty large compared to other super-automatic machines on the market.

The only bone we have to pick here is that the lid of the hopper is not airtight. This won’t be a problem if you drink coffee every day or make multiple cups a day.

But if you just use your machine every other day, you may be unhappy with the freshness of the beans if you store them in the hopper.

Automatic Shut-off Function

This Gaggia machine features an automatic shut-off function to improve energy efficiency and promote safety by turning off the machine after a certain period of inactivity. You can set this period anywhere between 15 minutes up to 3 hours.

Pannarello Steam Wand

The Anima comes with a pannarello steam wand that provides fluffy milk froth in no time. It has a slick stainless steel finish and it’s easy to clean. There can be a bit of a learning curve involved, but you should get the hang of it after a couple of trials to get the right amount of froth. You can also slide the panarello off and use the steam wand as a single-hole steam pipe.

This can be a better option for you if you want to create something other than thick foam with large bubbles that’s suitable for cappuccinos. For example, if you want to make flat whites and lattes with velvety microfoam.

Detachable Brewing Unit

The brewing unit of this unit is removable, which offers a huge advantage when it comes to cleaning.

How so?

Well, after you’re done making your favorite cup of coffee, you can swiftly slide the entire brewing unit out of its place. This way, you can just rinse it with water to wash away any coffee remnants left behind.

Not to mention, the brewing unit is readily available for replacement in case it gets damaged.

Although some users think that being detachable is a bit of a hassle, we think it’s very convenient. The fact that you can thoroughly clean and replace the brewing unit, or any component for that matter, helps extend the service life of the machine. To guarantee the best results, be sure to
take out the brewing unit once or twice a week.

Intuitive Display

This Gaggia unit offers a clear and intuitive display consisting of an LCD screen. It’s right in the top middle of the unit and big enough so you can easily read your controls.

On both sides of the screen next to the screen, you’ll find 6 buttons that make for a straightforward operation.

Various Brewing Settings

When it comes to brewing settings, it offers several ways for you to create a personalized coffee beverage.

Right off the bat, you get to control the temperature by choosing the ideal one of 3 settings. You also get to pick from 5 dose sizes, which helps you tweak the taste and strength of your coffee.

Additionally, changing the brew size can help you use enough coffee based on the size of cup you’re brewing, whereas the grind size levels allow you better control over certain aspects such as saturation. The fact that all these settings are sitting on the front face of the machine along
with the screen makes it easier to view your choices.

What’s more, the Gaggia Anima lets you benefit from an additional size selector so you can further customize your drinks beyond the pre-programmed sizes.

A Telescoping Outlet Valve

The telescoping outlet valve of the Anima allows you to change the position of the spigot depending on the size of the cup you’re using. As such, the orientation can be moved up and down within a 2-inch range. This reduces splashing while brewing, which is typically a drawback of fixed spigots.

Large Water Tank

The Gaggia Anima comes with a large water tank of a maximum capacity of 60 ounces. It can hold plenty of water to make many cups of coffee, and even more so if you’re mainly pulling espresso shots.

You can access the tank from the rear side, which is the common standard in super-automatic espresso and coffee machines. Yes, it’s less convenient compared to front-access units, but it supports a smaller footprint for better fitting in most kitchens. We should also mention that filling the water tank is pretty easy and mess-free. You can swiftly remove and reattach it without hiccups. There’s even an indicator light to alert you when a refill is due.

Gaggia Anima Review: Pros and Cons


There are a lot of things to like about the Gaggia Anima Automatic Espresso and Coffee machine, so we decided to highlight our favorite features and qualities to help you in your decision:

1. The Gaggia Anima is an ideal choice for new coffee brewers looking to test out the waters
with a full-on grinding/brewing/frothing machine. This is due to its intuitive fool-proof controls,
multiple brew settings, and ease of cleaning.
2. The Gaggia Anima offers the feature and convenience of a super-automatic coffee machine
at the price of a semi-automatic one.
3. This espresso machine has a compact footprint to fit in your kitchen even if it’s on the smaller
4. The Anima is well-equipped to pull high-quality espresso shots as well as espresso-
based milk beverages.
5. It is simple to clean and doesn’t demand much maintenance.
6. The Gaggia Anima features a premium ceramic burr grinder, which delivers an even and
consistent grind while preserving the coffee beans’ natural oils.


Here are a few points where we think the Anima espresso machine can improve:

1. Despite being made of durable ABS thermoplastic, the exterior of the Gaggia Anima is still entirely plastic which makes some customers uneasy when it comes to longevity.
2. The lid of the bean hopper doesn’t close airtight. This means there’s a chance some of the fragrance and freshness of the coffee beans get lost.
2. This machine doesn’t utilize the full potential of the built-in pump for finer grind levels.
3. This Gaggia espresso machine doesn’t support saving different profiles for customized coffee settings.

Wrap Up — Is this Espresso Machine Right for You?

There you have it, a complete review of the Gaggia Anima Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine. So is it the right choice for you?
Well, if you’re in the market for a reliable coffee machine that offers super-automatic features at a semi-automatic price, then the Gaggia Anima should be right up your alley!

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