Gaggia Classic Pro vs. Rancilio Silvia – Which Espresso Machine is Best for You?

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If you really like coffee, then investing in a high-quality machine is totally worth it. A good coffee machine will allow you to brew several shots of espresso throughout the day and enjoy freshly brewed coffee whenever you want to.

You can totally forget about going to the coffee shop because you can definitely enjoy a customized and tasty espresso shot in the comfort of your home. 

But with many espresso machines on the market, a few names pop up as high-quality models that every coffee lover should consider. This is why we decided to offer you this detailed Gaggia Classic Pro vs. Rancilio Silvia standoff to help you pick the most suitable one. 

So, which one is the right coffee machine for you? Keep on reading to find out. 

Gaggia Classic Pro vs. Rancilio Silvia comparison

In the long run, a well-made coffee machine will save you hundreds of dollars that you spend on store-prepared coffee. Moreover, you’ll have total control over the brewing process, so you can prepare your espresso just the way you like it. 

Both the Gaggia Classic Pro and the Rancilio Silvia are Italian entry-level coffee machines that offer a lot of features and options to help you brew and enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. Unlike other cheap coffee makers, these machines are built using high-quality materials to last for long. 

Gaggia Classic Pro overview and features

The Gaggia Classic Pro has a reliable brushed stainless steel housing that looks elegant and enhances the décor of any kitchen. In addition, it features a commercial three-way valve for pulling tasty espresso shots in the comfort of your home. 

Anyone can use this machine to prepare delicious coffee, thanks to the easy-to-use switches which allow you to control everything in a matter of seconds. Since this is a semi-automatic coffee machine, you won’t have to worry about adjusting the pressure, as the Classic Pro will do all the guessing on your behalf. 

It has a modern and easy-to-access layout that allows you to enjoy an espresso shot in no time. All you have to do is press the switch, and the machine will automatically brew your coffee to perfection. 

It comes with three controllers; one for power, another one for brewing coffee, and the last one for steaming. Each controller has a light indicator to notify you that it’s on.

Moreover, it comes with a movable steam wand that allows you to froth milk for a richer touch and taste. 

The filter baskets guarantee the richness of your coffee with unbeatable crema that you can rarely get unless you’re using a commercial-grade machine. However, this is precisely what the Classic Pro is; a home espresso machine with commercial components and design. 

When you buy this machine, you’ll receive a drip tray, tray cover, a coffee scoop, a pressurized double shot basket, a commercial double shot basket, and a commercial single shot basket. The drip tray and cover can be removed for easy cleaning. 


  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Easy to use controls
  • Commercial-style 58 mm portafilter
  • It can be used with pre-ground coffee or ESE pods

Rancilio Silvia Overview and Features

The Rancilio Silvia is a semi-automated machine that can be used to brew delicious espresso shots whenever you like. It features a commercial-grade group head for barista-grade brewing and heat stability, and it comes with a brass boiler for better heat transmission and stability. This machine guarantees that you’ll have your perfect espresso shot brewed in no time. 

This is a sturdy machine because it has an iron frame with stainless steel side panels, so it’s an excellent choice for those who want an elegant yet durable machine that can last for decades.

Controlling this coffee maker is quite easy, thanks to the easy-to-access buttons. It features a power button, in addition to three buttons for steaming, heating, and brewing your coffee. 

The hot water button heats the water and transfers it to the brass boiler, but it doesn’t release hot water for tea or Americanos. The Rancilio Silvia also has a knob that allows you to control the frothed or steamed milk for preparing cappuccinos and lattes. 

The design and materials of this machine guarantee exceptional heat stability for the flawless extraction of your coffee. Although it doesn’t accommodate coffee pods and capsules, you can easily install an adaptor kit if this is what you want. 

You’ll receive the machine with a coffee scoop with a drip tray and tray cover. Both are removable for easy cleaning. 

The Silvia also comes with a commercial-grade 3-way solenoid valve that prevents the brass filter from sneezing the coffee all over you. It’s built to last and will deliver tasty espresso every single time. 


  • Iron frame and stainless steel sides
  • Heat stability for a premium extraction
  • Easy to control buttons and knob
  • High-quality brass boiler for better heat transmission

What are the differences between the Gaggia Classic Pro and the Rancilio Silvia?

Both espresso makers are Italian machines with good quality components and a modern design. They’ll both be a great addition to your kitchen if you’re a seasoned coffee lover. 

These espresso makers are expensive compared to other entry-level machines, delivering high-quality and fully extracted espresso shots. They also allow you to prepare lattes and cappuccinos using frothed milk. 

After preparing your coffee, you’ll be easily able to remove the drip tray and the tray cover to easily clean your machine. They won’t show any signs of rust or corrosion, and they’ll last for decades in your kitchen. 

However, these machines aren’t similar, and they have a lot of differences that set them both apart. This section will talk about the two coffee makers and explain their differences to help you choose the one that works for you. 


Gaggia is an Italian company founded in 1947 and makes coffee makers, in addition to other kitchen appliances. The founder of the brand, Giovanni Achille Gaggia, designed the first steamless coffee maker to use in his coffee bar, and later on, the company continued to produce several high-quality espresso and cappuccino makers. One of them is the Gaggia Classic Pro, which has many unique features. 

Rancilio is another Italian company that was founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio, who introduced a vertical boiler and then a horizontal boiler for coffee lovers. Later on, the company produced a home espresso machine in 1997. The Rancilio Silvia is one of the latest additions to this brand. 

Both brands are of exceptional quality, and the coffee makers will last for long. 

Size and weight

The Classic Pro measures 9.5 x 8 x 14.2 inches and weighs about 20 pounds. It’s quite compact, so it’s suitable for most kitchen setups, even if you don’t have a lot of countertop space. 

The Silvia measures 9.2 x 11.4 x 13.3 inches, but it’s heavier than the Gaggia Classic Pro because it weighs 30.8 pounds. Both machines have similar dimensions, but the 10 pounds weight difference is significant if you want to move your machine from one place to another. 

If you’re keeping your espresso machine in the kitchen, there won’t be much difference since they occupy almost the same countertop space. However, if you plan on taking your machine to the office or to a friend’s house, the Classic Pro will be a more practical option. 


The Gaggia Classic Pro has a corrosion-resistant aluminum boiler that delivers 1370 watts. Thanks to this boiler, this machine is able to offer high-quality espresso at a lower price. In addition, it quickly bounces back after preparing an espresso shot to brew another one, so it’s suitable for busy households and offices. 

Thanks to the dual heating mechanism, this machine will heat up to brew your espresso in five minutes, and it only takes 30 seconds to steam milk. This makes it an excellent choice for those in a hurry who still want to enjoy high-quality and rich coffee every time. 

The Rancilio Silvia has a different and more high-quality brass boiler, which excels at heat and electricity transmission, making this one of the most powerful espresso machines. It delivers the power of 952 watts, so it can be used to prepare several espresso shots in a row. 

Although both machines are exceptional, the brass boiler definitely beats the aluminum one. It’s more durable and adds to the Silvia’s classic and vintage vibes, which make it more suitable for more seasoned espresso lovers. 

Water reservoir

Since both machines are used mainly to prepare espresso shots, you don’t really need a lot of water to prepare your drink. However, the Gaggia Classic Pro has a 72-ounce water reservoir, which definitely appeals to heavy espresso drinkers because you can brew several espresso shots without having to refill the tank. 

On the other hand, the Rancilio Silvia has a tank with a capacity of 67 ounces. While this difference might not be much, it might be significant if you mind filling the tank at the end of the workday or late in the evening to serve more coffee. 

Coffee options

In this aspect, the Gaggia Classic Pro offers more versatility as you can use pre-ground coffee beans as well as pods to prepare espresso shots. It features a unique portafilter with a special compartment for easy serving espresso pods or ESE pods. 

If you don’t want to use the pods, you can definitely use your favorite pre-ground coffee with the commercial-style 58 mm portafilter. This coffee maker has a 3-way solenoid valve, which can only be found in commercial-grade machines and allows you to discard the used coffee pod effortlessly. 

The Silvia also has a 58 mm portafilter, but it’s not compatible with pods. This means that you can only use pre-ground coffee to prepare your espresso. 

However, some avid coffee drinkers choose to invest in special ESE pod kits to make this machine more versatile. While this might be a good option, it adds to the total cost of your coffee maker. 

Both machines deliver fully extracted espresso shots with a rich crema and flavorful aroma, as long as you’re using high-quality coffee. But if you’re looking for more versatility, the Classic Pro will definitely be the winner. 

On the other hand, if you grind your coffee beans at home, then picking the Silvia would make more sense. Grinding coffee at home guarantees that you’ll always have access to fresh and strong coffee that hasn’t lost any of its flavor or odor. And the Silvia will do the rest to guarantee that you enjoy a tasty espresso on demand. 

Pump pressure

Preparing a fully extracted and flavorful espresso shot requires 9 bars of pressure. The Classic Pro has a pump that delivers 17 bars, while the Silvia delivers only 15.5 bars. Both machines are able to fully extract an espresso shot with rich crema, so the difference in the pressure isn’t that significant. 

Despite the high pressure that the Classic Pro is capable of, this machine comes with pressure dampers. They dampen the vibration and reduce the noise from the machine, so you can use it at home or in the office. 

Hot water dispenser

Despite being more affordable, the Classic Pro is more versatile as it has a hot water dispenser that can be used for various purposes. In addition to preparing espresso and cappuccinos, you can use the hot water from this machine to prepare tea or any other drink that requires hot water. 

However, the Silvia lacks this feature. You can’t use the water inside the machine except when you want to brew an espresso shot. This is why some users would prefer the Gaggia machine since it’s more versatile and practical. 

Steam wand

Both machines have steam wands that you can use to steam and froth milk. Then, using the wand, you can prepare amazing and delicious cappuccinos or other coffee-based drinks with creamy frothed milk. 

The Classic Pro has a high-quality steam wand that heats the milk to a high temperature and creates thicker and richer foam. Moreover, it grants you more control, so you can froth milk in various ways based on your needs. 

The Silvia machine has a commercial steam wand, which is also reliable, but it’s less versatile than the Classic Pro’s wand. The steam wand has one hole, so the quality of the frothed milk might not be that exceptional. 

Who is the Gaggia Classic Pro for?

With this comparison, we conclude that the Gaggia Classic Pro is a better choice for those who like more versatility. You can either use your favorite pre-ground coffee blend or prepare your espresso using your coffee pods. It also comes with an easy to maneuver milk wand that allows you to enjoy the best frothed milk for latte art and tasty cappuccinos. 

It’s a little bit less expensive than the Silvia. Still, it grants you access to high-quality espresso every time. You can also use the hot water directly from the boiler to prepare tea or any other hot beverage. 

Pros of the Gaggia Classic Pro

  • Versatile coffee machine with easy to use controls
  • It can be used with pre-ground filter and coffee pods
  • Ability to steam and froth milk

Who is the Rancilio Silvia for?

The Rancilio Silvia is a high-quality and sturdy machine that works for hardcore coffee lovers. It features an iron body with stainless steel sides and a brass boiler for better heat transmission and stability. Moreover, it comes with a reliable valve that prevents the coffee basket from spraying coffee particles all over you when you open it. 

Due to the design of this machine, it will work for more seasoned coffee lovers. It’s a little bit heavy, and the components are commercial-grade to guarantee better extraction and unmatched consistency every time you brew your espresso. 

It’s more expensive, so it’ll work for a hardcore coffee lover who cares about every espresso shot’s quality. The brass boiler will brew espresso shots back to back with no change in the taste or aroma. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accommodate coffee pods, but you can install an adaptor kit if you want to. 

Pros of the Rancilio Silvia

  • Sturdy construction with easy to control buttons
  • Brass boiler for better heat transmission and stability
  • Consistent results with every brew

The Gaggia Classic Pro vs. Rancilio Silvia: Final Verdict

Both of these coffee makers are designed for those who are willing to pay a little more for a high-quality espresso machine. They’re designed for home use, but they both deliver barista-quality espresso shots with minimum guessing. 

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a versatile machine because you can use it with your favorite coffee pods or pre-ground coffee. You can also use the hot water directly from the machine to prepare other hot beverages. It also comes with a reliable steam wand for frothed milk. 

If you’re willing to pay a little bit more, you can definitely consider buying the Rancilio Silvia. This is a commercial-grade espresso maker with reliable results every single time. So it’s an excellent choice for someone who wants to enjoy brewing their espresso shot with consistent results. 

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