Gevalia Drip Coffee Makers: Well-Loved & Harder to Find

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In this post we will delve into Gevalia drip coffee makers and where to get one. Hopefully we will show you where you can purchase one for yourself. (Once upon a time, the brand had a “free Gevalia coffee maker” promo when you signed up for their subscription service. This appealing enticement was in place for ages, but sadly they no longer have this deal.)

Gevalia is one of the best-known brand names in coffee, and in my case it was a brand that was a part of my childhood. My mom loved Gevalia coffee so much and she’d go on and on about the quality and superior taste. Coffee is something that can easily become intertwined with memories since it’s such a sensory experience.

Let’s get back to Gevalia drip coffee makers though!

As I mentioned, the brand is associated with high quality, and quality definitely extends from the coffee itself to their products, including the popular and somewhat hard-to-find Gevalia drip coffee makers that we’re going to look at in detail in just a second.

TL;DR check eBay or Amazon— you may not find one at first but check back, these machines are hard to find because they are great coffee makers with a huge following.

Gevalia Drip Coffee Makers

Note: the availability on these varies and the stock is usually pretty limited. These coffee makers definitely have a following. As I’m writing this, some units are available from Amazon directly and some are third-party. Otherwise you’ll have to look somewhere like eBay.

I personally like the whole Amazon system better even when dealing with third party sellers because a couple of times when I had an issue, Amazon helped me get it sorted out quickly. With eBay the process is more involved. That’s just my opinion.

I try to avoid recommending products that are sold third party but I definitely know what it’s like to want a very specific item! These Gevalia coffee makers are the kind of appliance that once you own, you absolutely love it and you must have another one just like it when it comes time for a replacement.

As mentioned earlier, it used to be that Gevalia would send you a free coffee maker when you sign up for their monthly coffee subscription. They were one of the companies that had the whole subscription model dialed decades ago, long before the internet, and the coffee maker was that extra enticement to get you hooked.

I haven’t seen that deal available in years, though, unfortunately, but it seems like the company got almost as many people hooked on their coffee makers as they did the coffee itself!

So here are your options when not just any drip coffee maker will do…

Gevalia Drip Coffee Maker 8 Cup Black Thermal Carafe

Gevalia 8 Cup Black Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Drip-stop function
  • Easy access swing-out filter basket
  • Water level window
  • Auto shut-off

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This is a nice straightforward thermal carafe-style drip coffee maker with 8-cup capacity. Thermal carafe units are nice because they do a great job of keeping your coffee hot (for a reasonable amount of time, not all day) without cooking the brewed coffee and giving it that overdone taste that you get when it sits on the little hot plate for too long.

It also saves a little of your electricity usage, since once it is brewed you don’t have the heating element running, although granted this isn’t a massive amount of electricity anyway. Still, the auto shut off feature is nice and it’s also safer. The thermal carafe also keeps your coffee from evaporating.

GEVALIA KAFFE G70 Black 12-Cup Programmable CM500 Automatic Coffee Maker

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Here’s a 12-cup Gevalia Kaffe coffee maker in the standard warming-plate style, so not a thermal carafe one like the previous one we looked at (above). The larger capacity is nice. Programmable is super nice also. There’s nothing like waking up and walking out into the kitchen when there is… coffee. Already. Made.

Gevalia KA-865MW 8 Cup Automatic Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

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This is an interesting white version of the first Gevalia drip coffee maker we looked at. It has a thermal carafe with an all-white body that isn’t like any other coffee maker I’ve seen before. This is a nice one if you’re into the super all white kitchen look. Get one of these to go with your white appliances, which have made a comeback recently. This unit measures 14.5 x 11 x 8 inches.

Gevalia 8 Cup White Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker C-60 BC Model

Gevalia 8 Cup White Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker C-60 BC Model
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Drip-stop functionality
  • Swing-out filter basket for ease of use
  • Auto shut-off

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Continuing with the white theme… another thermal carafe style with an 8-cup capacity. Again, the thermal carafe style means there’s no hot plate to overcook your coffee if you let it sit for an hour or two. Auto-shut off means no worrying about the coffee maker being on as you’re already halfway to work during rush hour.

Gevalia Kaffe Programmable / Coffee for Two Coffee Maker

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And finally, the Gevalia Kaffe coffee maker is one of these kinda cool ones that brews coffee-to-go for two. It doesn’t have to be “to go” necessarily but it does come with the travel coffee cups. You have to use the small #2 size coffee filters with this one.

Other Options for Finding a Gevalia Drip Coffee Maker…

You can also find a lot of these coffee makers on eBay. Like I said above, I usually check Amazon first when I’m shopping but you can also find plenty of good ones on eBay. Just be sure to check the seller ratings before you purchase, which I’m sure you already know.

Here’s a link to all of the Gevalia drip coffee maker listings on eBay right now. 

You can also check thrift stores, but I usually go for Amazon or eBay sellers for something like this because you have a wider range of options, even though you do end up paying more than you would if you were lucky enough to find the one you want at a second-hand shop. But if you enjoy the hunt then that’s definitely an option.

Gevalia Drip Coffee Maker Product Manuals

If you purchase one of these coffee makers and you need a manual, you can find everything you need through this page on the Gevalia website.

Final Thoughts

The Gevalia brand was founded in Sweden in 1853. Since that time, it’s become one of the best-known coffee brands in the world. In Northern Europe it’s an everyday grocery store brand that most people are familiar with, while in the U.S. Gevalia has been marketed as more of a premium brand. The Swedes apparently drink more coffee than almost anyone else in the world, so Gevalia drip coffee makers having somewhat of a cult following makes sense.

The brand knows about good coffee and how to make it. Too bad they got out of the equipment end of the business, even though they weren’t making the coffee makers themselves they were definitely finding good ones to put their brand name on.

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